Chariot Concepts, our company name, was taken from the lyrics of a beautiful song:

He makes the clouds His chariot, and rides on the wings of the wind.”

We are a company of ideas and ideas are like clouds as they first begin to take shape. Sometimes you think you can make out a shape, other times it’s just a cloud. But fully-formed clouds have power. Power to bring life-giving rain to a field of dry grass, or clean water to a parched throat.

Fully-formed ideas also have life-changing power. Like a Top-fuel Dragster turning silence into smoke, flames and speed, or an SR71 in full afterburner outracing enemy missiles. Like a chariot riding on the wings of the wind.

Our ideas come from 4 decades of experience in the retail tire industry. How often we saw a problem only to discover no one had yet created a solution. So that’s what we do. We build our ideas. We create those products we wished we’d had when fighting those everyday battles common to every tire store.

Boys climb. That's what they do. It's nice to know that tire isn't going to land on their heads!

Boys climb. That's what they do. It's nice to know that tire isn't going to land on their heads!

The TruStack Tire Dolly, our first invention, was an idea born from the daily need to build street displays. Those tremendous labor costs, the frustration of crooked unprofessional-looking stacks built in too much of a hurry, the time delaying your first customers while store-opening procedures are completed. We solved the Street Display challenge with a large 30” diameter platform, round because tires are round, 5 casters because they are more stable than 4, casters with sealed steel bearings because nobody likes wheels that don’t move freely. A patented center anchor point that allows the whole stack to be lashed together as a unit because it keeps the stack straight and protects customers from tires that may tip, fall, and bounce into them or their car. And it steers easily, even on side hills and down aisles because of the patented caster configuration.

The Sidewall Signpost, our second invention, born from the silly tendency of tire inserts to drop out, go crooked, or fall down. You wouldn’t dream of using them outside in the wind! The Sidewall Signpost is a simple telescoping framework that connects to the tire sidewall from bead to bead, creating a surface to which signs can then be attached. More than just taming round ad kit signs, this invention allows users to create oddly shaped signs from company logos to starbursts and 3 dimensional creations. We are not stuck with boring any longer.

The TreadMount Signpost, our 3rd Concept, is a thumb of the nose to ugly staples. This device is a sleek-looking quick-change magnetic clamp that holds signs, tags, work tickets, customer labels, etc... to the tread face of mounted or unmounted tires. It has an optional billboard feature that allows the user to simultaneously display a more permanent message, such as a logo or seasonal campaign message.

The Sandwich Signpost, Concept 4, is the same magnetic quick-change clamp as the TreadMount Signpost, but is executed with a type of clipboard design that fits between and is held in place by tires in a stack. This is of course handy for display use, but is also valuable in truck warehouses for labeling stacks of truck tires with invoices, work tickets, or inventory sheets, or customer ID.

More clouds are forming and the wind is picking up. We’ll let you know which way it’s blowing.

Dan Jensen


Chariot Concepts LLC

He makes the clouds His chariot, and rides on the wings of the wind
— Ps. 104:9

Chariot Concepts is a company founded to support the retail tire industry with tools that proceed from 4 Decades of retail tire business experience.

Dan Jensen began his career as an auto mechanic, then moved to an entry level position with a nationally known and highly respected retail tire chain.  Within a short time Dan was promoted into management, eventually working his way up to manage one of the most successful tire stores in California.

An entrepreneur at heart, Dan founded Chariot Concepts LLC so he could turn his ideas into hardware. These ideas were developed while working in a day to day, hands on, retail tire store environment.

Psalm 104:3 "He makes the clouds his Chariot, and rides the wings of the wind."

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