New Product Coming...

If you work in or run a tire store, you know how frustrating it is to use those round display inserts in your tires. You know, the ones that come in an ad kit and you're supposed to put them into the wheel area of a display tire and show off your "Fall Sale" or "Super Duper Special" But they don't stay in. Here is a perfect example:

Why don't they stay in? Here is a typical design:

They stay in sometimes. If matched to the right tire. And if the double-stick tape is applied the right distance from the edge. And nobody touches it. Ever. And there is no wind.
And there is always Plan B" to make it stay:

You really have to give these guys credit!

You really have to give these guys credit!

Here at Chariot Concepts, we're always thinking. And this is one we've been thinking about for a long time. Last year when we thought up the TruStack Tire Dolly, we built it and introduced it at SEMA. We even won an award for it, and it's been pretty cool to hear the comments from people who love using it. 

Well, now we've thought up the Sidewall Signpost, and we are introducing it at SEMA this year. We think this will be even bigger than the TruStack Tire Dolly, because it solves a problem we ALL are frustrated with, and it is simple and cheap. Details to follow.....

Psalm 104:3 "He makes the clouds his Chariot, and rides the wings of the wind."

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