Complimenting The Bulky Clamp Cart

Every tire employee is familiar with a tire clamp cart. I remember when I first started in the business, all clamp carts were oak-framed with metal reinforcement and clamp apparatus. Yeah, I know… I’m an old-timer. What a great invention, though! Grab a stack of tires with the cart and move it where you want it.

But I can’t count how many times I went to a storage rack to gather a set of tires for installation and rejected the idea of using a clamp cart, and for multiple reasons.

Often it was too far away to bother with, this because it is bulky and is stored out of the way, or again because it is bulky, it was a pain to maneuver down aisles and around corners. Or because they are expensive, it was a shared tool, and therefore, rarely where you expected to find it. Using it… first involved finding it.

Then there is the amount of space needed to maneuver it. It doesn’t require a large footprint while standing at rest, but to operate it, one must tilt it back. Now it requires much more room, due to the extra length while keeping it balanced, tilted backwards on two wheels, especially challenging while turning sharp corners. How often have I hit the wall or doorway or even other employees with the front of the load while steering a bit blind from behind the load?

Here is where the TruStack tire dolly comes in. It may never replace the clamp cart, but it will go a long way to complimenting it. It's light, inexpensive, simple to use. Keep a dozen on hand. They nest well enough to store 12 in a 5' section of tire rack.

Carry it to the rack, roll it back. Simple, easy, safe, and efficient.

SEMA Summit

Just returned from the SEMA Summit in Las Vegas. Three days of soaking up knowledge to prepare for the SEMA Show in November. If you are attending the SEMA Show, look for the TruStack Tire Dolly in the New Products Showcase, and then visit us in booth #38221 in the South Hall, upper level.

SEMA Booth Confirmed

I can't wait to show this product off at SEMA this year. It has been quite a surprise to me that over my 36 year career in the tire business, tools can still be invented that revolutionize the way we run our day to day business. Tire professionals are always trying to find a quicker or cheaper or safer way to accomplish tasks, and this product hits all three of those targets.

Look for us at the SEMA show in November in the World Tire Expo and also in the New Products Showcase. 

This is going to be fun!

What's in a Hand Hole?

Clamping tire carts are sure handy to use when you have dozens of stacks to move quickly and you don't care if they end up crooked, but what if you just need to queue up a set of tires to be installed? Clamp carts are so bulky that it is often easier to just grab a pair of tires with your hands and make two trips, manually stacking them in the work area. But I've often discovered that they get stacked next to the wrong machine or the wrong bay, or worse, the customer postpones until later in the day. Now you have to move that stack again, either by retrieving the tire cart or by manually picking the tires up and rolling them out of the way. But they are never really out of the way are they?

The TruStack Tire Dolly is light and was designed with an easy to grab hand hole. Just grab the dolly, go to the rack, stack the sold product on the dolly and enjoy the easy-steer return trip to the work area. Did you stop at the wrong bay? No sweat. Roll it over to the right one. Postponed sale? No sweat. Roll them out of the way!

Save time and labor by keeping a few TruStack Tire Dollys on hand for the service techs to use to efficiently fetch and manage product queued up for installation.

Handy Hand Hole

What makes the TruStack Dolly caster configuration so special?

The TruStack Tire Dolly uses 5 casters. Most platform dollys or tool carts use 4. If you have had the opportunity to use a shopping cart at IKEA, you will know right away how difficult it is to control a shopping cart with 4 swiveling casters. Furniture dollys are much the same. That design requires constant attention to the direction of momentum and requires a strong commitment of energy to redirect the cart, and the more weight, the more difficult the job. Regular shopping carts and some tool carts use 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel casters. This is easier in some ways because the rigid wheels add directional stability, but it then becomes a bigger challenge to steer. On a grocery cart, you may have noticed that the more weight placed over the steering wheels, the more difficult it is to change the direction of travel. Or if the swiveling wheels are nearest you, you must be the person on the end of a whip to take a turn.

The TruStack tire dolly places two of the five wheels in an exactly parallel position, near the rotational center, leaving a front swivel wheel and two rear swivel wheels. The result is surprising. Regardless of the load, light or heavy, the TruStack Tire Dolly moves along easily with excellent directional stability, retaining the ability to stop and spin in place for tight turns or redirection.

Design Drawing showing the Caster Configuration

Mischievous Boys

When families come to a tire store to make a purchase, it is often the case that parental distraction becomes an opportunity for unsupervised mischief. When your barrel stack displays are built on TruStack Tire Dollys, you won't have to worry about little guys like this learning a lesson in physics the hard way. Let them learn it in school. Build your displays on TruStack Tire Dollys.

Psalm 104:3 "He makes the clouds his Chariot, and rides the wings of the wind."

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