You’ve just got to invent a way to make these tire discs stay in the tire!
— K - Tire Pros dealer
The test worked perfectly. You’ve got to start supplying these to us. Without them, our tire discs drop out every time a customer just opens the front door!
— B - Independent Tire Dealer to his supplier
These would be perfect if they were adjustable.
— Buyer at SEMA intro 2016 [We Listened - DJ - Chariot Concepts]
It makes it so easy when we use velcro on the signs. You can reposition it easily if you need to.
— B - Distributor
Thank you so much! These look awesome and they are so easy to install!
— M - Atturo Tire
One of the reasons regular signs fall out is that dealers don’t put them in the correct tire size. The Sidewall Signpost solves that. We installed the wrong size because it was all we had left, but it worked great.
— D - Chariot Concepts / M - Atturo Tire
Our newest version adjusts from 15” to 20” tires with one part number. Designed with a simple Phillips head set-screw for solid reliability
— Dan Jensen - Inventor
What does a neglected display communicate to customers about your overall attention to detail? Will they be concerned it extends to the services they pay you for?
— Chariot Concepts

Psalm 104:3 "He makes the clouds his Chariot, and rides the wings of the wind."

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