I use my TruStack Tire Dolly all the time! It’s handy to have such a well-made heavy-duty platform dolly in my shop.
— DG - Auto enthusiast
These are perfect for showroom displays. They are stable, we don’t worry like we used to about kids climbing all over our tire stacks, and they keep the tires from staining our expensive floors
— LG & LP - Auto Dealerships
“Each store was rolling 20 to 30 stacks of tires in and out every day. This is a clean, easy, efficient thing. It was one of those things that we really needed and it fits into our marketing.”
— Mark Rhodes - MTD Dealer of the Year
I decided during the design stage that we were not going to put cheap casters on this product. We selected steel sealed-bearing units with a wide heavy frame and substantial foot-operated brakes.
— Dan Jensen - Inventor
We also chose a 4-bolt flange-plate mounting system that spreads the weight carried by the caster over a larger area. We didn’t want the types of failures we had seen with single-pin designs.
— Dan Jensen - Inventor
We tried a 4 caster dolly for our tire departments and they didn’t work. They kept tipping under loads. You’re doing it right by using 5 casters
— Big Box Store representative
I love that you have 2 brakes, not just one. And the carry handle is perfect. When we need tires in the warehouse, we grab this by the handle, run to the tire rack, load it up and roll it back.
— Big Box Store retailer
I wish we would have had these earlier. That lash system would have prevented a nice sized liability claim for us. A breeze tipped over the top tire on an outdoor display, the tire bounced and rolled down the driveway into the street and tangled with a couple of cars.
— MF Tire Dealer
These make it so easy to build street displays, and they work even on the big stuff!
— TP - Tire Dealer
I’m always so afraid some little guy is going to crawl up on a tire display and have a big 35X12.50R20 come down on his head! I finally feel like an unattended display isn’t going to cost me in a big way from somebody getting hurt.
— TP - Tire Dealer
TruStack Tire Dolly UPC Code - TRUSTACK Registered Trademark

TruStack Tire Dolly UPC Code - TRUSTACK Registered Trademark

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