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A Typical indoor Big Box Store display

I don't mean to pick on any particular store because this picture identifies an issue with almost every tire store I have ever been in: Inattention to detail when it comes to freestanding tire stack displays. I've changed the color to Black and White to help obscure the identity of the company involved.

Except for the sloppy installation of the merchandising disc, the one on the left is not too bad actually. The stack is straight and the labels are all lined up - but it happens to share space with the stack on the right. Notice how the labels are reversed from each other and rotated around the stack, which is not exactly true itself. Now, maybe these were just placed here temporarily, although temporary may include a couple of days since I saw them there yesterday also...

You get the idea. If these stacks were built on a TruStack Tire Dolly, and that work was done by a careful employee, maybe the one who built the stack on the left, they would be straight and true and mobile.

Snow Tire Storage / Summer Tire Storage

Don't you just hate trying to get around in your garage when there are a couple of stacks of tires in the way? For those who enjoy 4 seasons in their part of the country, off-season tires create just the kind of obstacle I'm talking about. 

Snow tires in the Summer, Summer tires in the Winter - One or two sets are always in the way, taking up space, and not very easy to move. So if you want to clean behind them, or get to an item that just rolled behind the stack, you have to physically move them out of the way.

The TruStack Tire Dolly is an excellent way to make those stacks mobile. Put your off-season tires onto a TruStack and move them at will for cleaning or just because you are in the mood to reorganize. And when it is time to load them up for a Winter or Spring changeover, just roll them out to your vehicle and load them up.

Psalm 104:3 "He makes the clouds his Chariot, and rides the wings of the wind."

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