Tire Pros Photo Shoot

Enjoyed a great day with the Tire Pros staff in Folsom California on July 5. Here are some of the photos we took that day!

Stacking them up!

Threading the lash strap

Securing the load

Ready to roll

This one is kinda fun... Red stripe applied to the base with Red Letter General Tires

Dressing them all up

What a great looking crew!

Tires can be strapped from the sides as well as the center. This allows the load to be well secured, especially if using them to support advertising "barrel stack" bags.

And we all know what a pain those bag stacks can be when they shift or fall over!

Secured and Mobile with a TruStack

Beautiful location and building

Psalm 104:3 "He makes the clouds his Chariot, and rides the wings of the wind."

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